Vintage and prestigious car transport

Transport de voiture de collection transports rabouin

Do you wish to have your vintage or prestigious car transported?
Transports RABOUIN are the best solution for worry-free transport of your vehicle. We are committed to paying full attention to transporting your most precious asset, from pick-up to delivery.

Transport véhicule prestige paris

Transports Rabouin provide you with high-quality services both in France and Europe. Many customers have already put their trust in us.
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With Transports RABOUIN, you will benefit from:

  • a high-quality personalised service
  • experienced workers, with a passion for beautiful cars
  • the guarantee that we will take good care of your car, from pick-up to delivery
  • qualified drivers, specially trained in exceptional vehicles
  • cutting-edge equipment in terms of safety, traceability and information transmission
  • vehicle follow-up in real time thanks to on-board computing equipment
  • an invoice issued within 10 days after delivery
  • additional customised services according to your specific needs


Transports RABOUIN carry out their services in France and neighbouring countries::

  • vintage car transportn
  • prestigious car transporte
  • antique car transport
  • sports car transport
  • luxury car transport
  • vintage car preparation
  • secured storage of your vintage car

Rabouin also transports racing cars.

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