is focused on serving the customer, safety and quality. For always more quality, safety, practicality, responsiveness and comfort, Transports Rabouin equipped their fleet of vehicles with an on-board computer system used to monitor and exchange information in real time throughout the logistics chain.

When innovation is focused on serving safety and quality.

When innovation is focused on serving safety and quality.

For still more quality, safety, practicality, reactivity and comfort, Transports Rabouin equip their fleet of lorries with an economic, ecological and sustainable computer system.

This system:

  • recovers information on the mission order status in real time
  • assists driving
  • monitors and manages transport with increased reactivity to planning transport and responding to a customer question
  • reduces the number of anomalies
  • optimises fuel consumption

DST solution: customer service equipped efficiently and innovatively

Transports Rabouin use a specialised transport software developed by Puissance I® (DST), which manages each transport mission with fine precision. The software, which is an operating system and a database, is a key tool for linking the request from each customer and the on-board computing. It is a tool used to schedule orders in total responsiveness and to inform the customer about the transport.

Transports Rabouin confirm their determination to operate in complete transparency, making technical and operational choices that tend toward ever increasing effectiveness.