Vehicle preparation


Service-orientated logistics

In addition to its vehicle transport activity, Transports RABOUIN offers storage and road preparation services as well.

These tailor-made services comply with precise specifications: receipt, consistency of chassis numbers, checking the inside and outside of the vehicle, storage, cleaning process, bodywork, paint, etc.


Dedicated structures

These services are either carried out internally, or externally via dedicated networks.
Transports RABOUIN have 3 logistical sites available for their customers:

  • Boissy-Sous-Saint-Yon (91), 4,500 spaces
  • Le Cellier (44), 4500 spaces
  • Chartres-de-Bretagne (35), 1000 spaces

Renowned know-how

These technical platforms provide comprehensive services, are fitted with the best possible equipment and managed by professional and experienced teams.