Broken-down vehicle transport

Is your vehicle waiting to be repaired? Do you want it to be repatriated? Transports RABOUIN are the best solution for transporting your broken-down vehicle throughout France.

Transports Rabouin are committed to paying full attention to transport, from pick-up to delivery, and to providing high-quality services both in France and Europe. Many professionals have put their trust in us. Consult our customers' experience.

With Transports RABOUIN, you will benefit from:

  • experiences and responsive services
  • the guarantee that we will take good care of your vehicle, from pick-up to delivery
  • cutting-edge equipment in terms of safety, traceability and information transmission
  • order follow-up in real time thanks to on-board computing equipment
  • an invoice issued within 10 days after delivery
  • vehicles fitted with a winch to tow your broken-down car

Transports RABOUIN carry out their services in France and neighbouring countries:

  • rental vehicle transport
  • imported vehicle transport
  • new vehicle transport
  • second-hand vehicle transport

Rabouin also transports second-hand cars.
For more information, contact us.