Second-hand vehicle transport

Put your second-hand vehicles in good hands Responsibility, quality, responsiveness, etc. We deploy a special organisation focused on responsiveness to reflect your needs more closely.
We are committed to paying full attention to lorry transport of second-hand vehicles, from pick-up to delivery, and to providing high-quality services both in France and Europe.

Your vehicle guarantees

Before assuming their autonomy, our driers are assessed and supported over several months by in-house training. This quality monitoring enables each driver to acquire an expertise that reflects our demands and gives you complete peace of mind. Many professionals have put their trust in us. Consult our customers' experience.

With Transports RABOUIN, you will benefit from:

  • experiences and responsive services
  • the guarantee that we will take good care of your vehicle, from pick-up to delivery
  • cutting-edge equipment in terms of safety, traceability and information transmission
  • order follow-up in real time thanks to on-board computing equipment
  • an invoice issued within 10 days after delivery

Transports RABOUIN carry out their services in France and neighbouring countries:

  • rental vehicle transport
  • imported vehicle transport
  • new vehicle transport
  • repair vehicle transport

Rabouin also transports rental cars.
For more information, contact us.