Transports Rabouin makes a point of working in complete transparency. To achieve this, beyond complying with the regulations in force, they work continuously for respect for people and the environment with commitments that are specific to them.

Humans and the environment at the core of our strategy

The company has grown around its activities built around respect for people and the environment and intends to be a responsible company for its customers, partners, team and for the planet.

Respecting people

Transports Rabouin have implemented a solidarity commitment approach and apply ethical principles.

The company favours internal promotions with the aim of preserving the well-being of its employees, their skills and expertise, which are the wealth of Transports Rabouin. The company fights against job insecurity by providing its employees with a stable situation (more than 90% of its employees are on a permanent contract, 0.5% of the total staff are temporary workers).

Transports Rabouin pay special attention to the quality of internal relations. From this commitment, the resulting recruitment policy is active with an exceptionally low turnover: 45% conductors have more than 10 years seniority.

The company commits to providing faultless security for the entire team. The company is continually seeking to improve working conditions for all its employees by looking at all the specific features related to each activity carried out. This search for improvement is the core of the human resources policy at Transports Rabouin.

The QHSE manager (Quality, Hygiene, Safety and Environment) is working to reduce and control professional risks encountered by all the employees.

Transports Rabouin combat concealed employment and strictly maintains the >. Unambiguously established relations ensure irreproachable quality in creating respect for people.

Respecting our planet

Transports Rabouin make sustainable development a priority and one of the foundations of its development strategy.

Whether it is through increasing driver awareness in training courses dedicated to 'responsible and green' driving, the choice of engine with low nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions using Blue Tec® diesel technology on Euro 5, EEV and Euro 6 engines, the use of an on-board computer to help save on fuel…, Transports Rabouin are committed to and work toward sustainable development and respect for the environment.
In order to make its environmental commitment a reality, Transports Rabouin renewed, on 13 October 2016, a voluntary charter for reducing CO2 emissions.

This charter is applied via training for drivers to encourage rational driving to reduce the consumption of petroleum products, a specific work organisation and the development of the environmental characteristics of transport vehicles. For more than four years now, the company has done everything possible to reduce its polluting emissions and its environmental impact.

What is the voluntary charter for reducing CO2 emissions?

The French Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy (MEDDE) and Agency for Environment and Energy Control (ADEME), in cooperation with the professional organisations, have developed 'the voluntary charter for reducing CO2 emissions' called Objectif CO2.

Officially launched in December 2008, the charter is part of a global approach for combatting climate change and more precisely reduction of CO2 emissions (chief greenhouse gases). This approach enables these businesses commit to a concrete and customised action plan for reducing their fuel consumption and consequently CO2 emissions. The signatory companies of the charter are thus committed to reducing their CO2 emissions by implementing at least one action in each of the four areas defined by the charter, namely: vehicle, fuel, driver, organisation of transport flow.