Human and technical resources

Transports Rabouin have their own fleet of lorries.
As they possess all the human and technical resources, that is they do not need to outsource, Transports Rabouin fully control each project with unrivalled responsiveness.


This operating mode also enables a unique and customised relation for each customer with the same advisor. On this subject, discover what our customers have to say.

The human resources: more people, one team and its expertise

Customer service

Each customer is sure of having a customised and immediate response. It is the same contact that manages the request, its reception, quotation and feasibility. Each advisor follows their own customers to be even more responsive and provide high quality service. Respond to any request and have a high quality listening enabling us to offer adapted solutions, this is the daily mission of the customer service.

Custom services

Whether the request is for a car or a complete batch of vehicles, the services are always customised. As each request is unique, Transports Rabouin to everything they can to adapt to the needs and requirements stipulated by each customer. Hence, the company creates a Single Transport Document and a Vehicle Receipt Report that fully protects the transport.

The quality of the services is regularly assessed to maintain and perfect the 'quality' that is the strength of Transports Rabouin.

This quality is assessed by checking each delivery slip, the daily report, driver training in making reservations and in techniques for loading and unloading, blocking, strapping and securing.

Moreover, increasing driver awareness in safety, particularly during vehicle pick-up operations, is one of the priorities for Transports Rabouin.


The drivers pay special attention to the vehicles they transport from removal to delivery. All the drivers hold the French FIMO (compulsory minimum basic training) and FCO (compulsory continuous training) qualifications. They are trained to adapt to each situation while respecting precise procedures on the vehicles that they transport.

Recruitment and training: essential steps for integrating 'quality' culture

Transports Rabouin place great importance on the recruitment phase that is composed of both tests, deep evaluations and in-field training courses.

Each recruitment is followed up by two weeks of training and one month of special support with one of our three in-house instructors. The evaluation period is followed by 2 weeks of training then one month of support.

And for ever more quality, hygiene, safety and respect for the environment, any driver benefits from a range of training courses dedicated to these major themes.

Technical resources: a decisive point for reliability, safety and quality

With a fleet of lorries composed of 145 units at the forefront of innovation, Transports Rabouin ensuring the reliability and quality of their service in complete safety.
Expertise and quality services mean that our customers recognise and are loyal to us.

Thanks to its team of mechanics specialising in the vehicle carrier sector and featuring cutting-edge equipment in security, traceability and data transmission, the company can provide unrivalled security, quality and responsiveness.